Shoptimizer v2.0.5 – Optimize your WooCommerce store

Shoptimizer v2.0.5 - Optimize your WooCommerce store

Shoptimizer – Optimize your WooCommerce store Free Download Nulled v.2.0.5 – ThemeForest | Shoptimizer v2.0.5 – Optimize your WooCommerce store is a FAST WooCommerce theme with a range of features that allow you to make more users access to consumers.

Shoptimizer v2.0.5 – Optimize your WooCommerce store Free Download

The Shoptimizer WordPress Plugin provides speed-related topic options from automatic mining to super-fast loading of the main CSS script. Also, a’ critical CSS ‘ design sheet is generated dynamically, so that the user viewport contents can be loaded almost instantly.
This vital CSS gives you an idea of immediate and exciting engagement with our website— a big step forward for e-commerce companies.

Incredible speed scores!

Running the Shoptimizer through the Lighthouse audit by Google will deliver perfect results with just 630 milliseconds of first meaningful paint! Future updates to Shoptimizer will target maximum scores throughout — our goal is to make this the most optimized theme in the market.
It is crucial that your store converts to an optimized theme as it will increase your performance without wasting more time and money on transport.

Complete an order quicker

We’ve provided a theme choice that eliminates the header, footer, and sidebars that leave the checkout’s main focus— the form for payment information. This non-discounted checkout results in better conversions and we have included a confidence badge and a reassurance guide.

Request a call back feature

During our e-commerce research, we found a fascinating case study on a site that replaced its telephone number with the option “Call me back” and reported significant increases in terms of revenue. We have this feature included with Shoptimizer because it is particularly relevant for stores that sell high-value, but comparatively complex items.

Additional product information

A survey found that 64% of consumers continue to think of shipping costs on the product page and 61% of customers abandoned orders due to the increased costs in the last quarter. Studies by Baymard found that key details like this should be put below the buy button of the company, where it can be seen easily.

Sticky product details on scroll

Downloads the product thumbnail, title, price and attach to the button of the cart while scrolling down to an individual product a sticky bar facilitates conversions on long individual product pages with lots.

Superior product category SEO

The main source of website traffic is most frequently the organic hunt. To online companies the selection of a subject tailored to SEO is critical.
For WooCommerce categories we have added an additional area that makes for much better SEO spiders. Now, the featured text category and an image can be applied to the top and the keyword-image below to make the search results much better.

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