WP Rocket v3.5.1 – WordPress Cache Plugin

WP Rocket v3.5.1 - WordPress Cache Plugin

WP Rocket – WordPress Cache Plugin Free Download Nulled v.3.5.1 – WP-Rocket.me | WP Rocket v3.5.1 – WordPress Cache Plugin makes your WordPress Load Quick in a Few Clicks recognized by WordPress experts as the most effective caching plugin.

WP Rocket v3.5.1 – WordPress Cache Plugin Free Download

Yet a W3 Full Cache fan, WP Rocket WordPress Plugin is beyond comparison and has persuaded me widely. It helps to boost the site’s efficiency seamlessly and develop the user experience. In addition, support is efficient and reactive!

WP Rocket Premium Free Download (Lifetime)

After all the plugins We’ve checked to boost the performance of my WP pages, WP Rocket Plugin is by far the greatest, not only for its quality but also for configuring its usability. The profit would justify the cost.

Simplicity First

Web output is a complex field full of technical techniques and terminology which are complicated and abstract. We adopted the WordPress philosophy with a certain obsession: “decision not a choice,” which means adding only that which is appropriate for the end-user.
The challenge of existing solutions that are far too hard to use and set up for the beginner makes developing an affordable product our focus, which is easy to set up on any WordPress platform.

Minimal set-up, immediate results

Do not waste your time experiencing complex configuration settings. Upon activation, WP Rocket begins.

Page Caching

Caching provides an ultra-fast load time, important for enhancing the efficiency of search engines and increasing conversions. Page caching is triggered automatically when you turn on WP Rocket.

Cache Preloading

Since our crawler simulates a visit to preload the cache, the website’s indexing through search engines is enhanced instantly.

Static Files Compression

This WP Rocket WP Plugin lifetime by minification decreases the weight of your HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files. Lighter files mean quicker loading times!

Images on Request

Photos are only loaded when the visitor scrolls down the page, thus increasing the page load time. This technique is used by YouTube, Twitter, Yahoo, and other big websites. Now maybe yours too.

Developer Friendly

The WP Rocket’s code is developed using best practices in WordPress. It’s clean, commented on and has lots of hooks so developers can create advanced customizations easily.

3.5.1 March 17, 2020

  • Enhancement: Add display=swap parameter to Google font even when there is only one on the page and the Combine Google Fonts option is enabled (#2241)
  • Bugfix: Prevent the combined Google Fonts link from causing a 404 error in specific conditions (#2328)
  • Bugfix: Prevent the cache from being recreated on each page load when the WebP cache option is enabled and there are no WebP images on the page (#2280)
  • Bugfix: Prevent invalid characters in inserted critical path CSS when using Optimize CSS Delivery option (#2333)



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