Best Support System v2.2.2 – Live Web Chat & Client Support Desk & Support Ticket Help Centre nulled

Best Support System v2.2.2 -Live Web Chat & Client Support Desk & Support Ticket Help Centre nulled -Purchase key: press any key

Best Support System Nulled PHP Script Free Download v2.2.2 – CodeCanyon | Best Support System v2.2.2 -Best Support System v2.2.2 – Live Web Chat & Client Support Desk & Support Ticket Help Centre nulled is a self-hosted program for support tickets. It handles support tickets, manages email tickets, receives any payment through PayPal. It has a simple installer so no programming ability is needed. We will need to keep updating and it will have auto-update features.

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Best Support System v2.2.2 – Live Web Chat & Client Support Desk & Support Ticket Help Centre nulled

Features Summery

Simple Web Installer: Simple to use step by step installer wizard will allow you to install in minutes to get your service up and running. No programming skills needed.

Remote Server Login (Single Sign-On – SSO): It is a unique and special feature. If you have a ton of current customer for any existing service. If in this application you want to use the password of that service, then in this app you can easily do that.

Web Chat: Best System-Live Support Web Chat & Customer Service Desk & Support Ticket Help Center-1 Live Web Chat feature added. You client may use live chat to contact your handler.

You can easily set any information Base: All pages are replete with the article of information. If any visitor has lost some information then it will always suggest opening the book. This way it reduces the number of tickets.

Email to Ticket (Email Piping): You can create tickets by simply sending an email. Responses to tickets may also be rendered by responding to the same email.

User feedback: Feedback is obtained through special emails sent to the user with a specific button and a dislike button. Such buttons connect to a feedback system that can be used by users to provide their comprehensive input. This functionality is a unique function.

Proactive search: Easy to use search-even with spelling errors, the smart search engine can locate important articles
Timezone Control: This program is yet another unique feature. It auto-controls the time zone based on the IP of your user. This means the user can see the timezone time of the user and the admin will not see the timezone time of the server.

Highly secured: file security uploaded, CSRF protection, brute force security, auto back-off admin user login failure, auto-suspicious IP block. You can also block any IP manually or get any IP issued.

Category-wise Custom Fields: On ticket development, you can set category wise custom fields. We realize that not all fields are appropriate for all categories so that we can include fields for all categories or groups of individuals. You can also add input box for Envato buy key verification.

Integration of social networks: Envato, Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub and the login app for Yahoo users. You can pick whatever. This has a great control panel for incorporation into social networks.

Customized Payment: This is a very useful feature. You can set a payment of any amount from any ticket for any service ( i.e. hosting fee, maintenance fee).

Integration of the Envato module: verification of the software code and support of period tests with the Envato API.
Multiple Text Editors: Use your choice of rich Text Editor.

Customizable Roles and Privileges: build user groups with your desired roles and privileges, and add the intended users to the community. You have complete power over your submission. With any rights, you can build any function that is called.

Additional Menus: Build your own custom menus through the Admin panel

Fast Customizable Email Templates and Canned Message: Modify pre-existing templates for customer sending emails. We don’t want to say a lot about it, we barely ask you to see it once in a live demo, and you’ll see how simple it is.

Fast Customizable Canned Message: Like email template, too. Every canned message is too easy to design or write.

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