TokenLite v1.1.3 – ICO / STO Token Sale Management Dashboard – ICO Admin Script

TokenLite v1.1.3 - ICO / STO Token Sale Management Dashboard - ICO Admin Script

TokenLite Nulled PHP Script Free Download 1.1.3 – CodeCanyon | TokenLite v1.1.3 – ICO / STO Token Sale Management Dashboard – ICO Admin Script Nulled is a token sale management platform for ICO Companies and ICO Agencies.

Present softnio with complete dashboards to handle your ICO / STO token sales. TokenLite – ICO Script has all sorts of modules, apps that will make it possible to lunch their ICO, sell their token, and receive investor contributions from Crypto-Monetary agencies/startup.

When you want to start up a new company with crypt/blockchain, you may have to have ICO / STO / IEO to sell your token/coin and fundraising or to invest and make your project/product profitable. You ‘re in the right place because TokenLite is extremely helpful to you.

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TokenLite v1.1.3 – ICO / STO Token Sale Management Dashboard – ICO Admin Script

Our ICO Admin Scripts can allow you to buy your donation token easily. You can monitor the token number, soft cap / hard cap, token pricing, bonus for every item, and set the payment wallet address which applies to the purchase process automatically.

It is backed by fiat (USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD, TRY, NGN, INR, TRB), and the currency (ETH, LTC, BTC, BCH, BTC, TRX).). It is supported by the most widely used currencies. The currency that is accepted or not is easy to manage and you can also pick your currency.

It has an integrated transfer opportunity management system to allow investors to join the network. Once the transaction is approved you will decide the incentive for the invitation and the invitation receiver. The incentive is set automatically.

As a two factor authentication (2FA), TokenLite has implemented 2 layers of security option for each user to secure their account better. The system can also change the password through e-mail confirmation that provides further security for users.

The new version provided an export option for the importation of the entire transaction/user list (Entire, Compact, Minimal). The export also helps you to reuse the search/filter with perfect export data.

Laravel v5.7 – TokenLite ‘s backbone is the most popular, secure PHP web platform. Even used were JQuery, Bootstrap v4 and TokenWiz Back-end UI. You can easily change anything, add your own features, other php libraried, add-on or module, if you are familiar with PHP / LARAVELL.

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