WoWonder v3.0.4 – The Ultimate PHP Social Network Platform Nulled

WoWonder v3.0.4 - The Ultimate PHP Social Network Platform Nulled

WoWonder Nulled PHP Script Free Download v3.0.4 – CodeCanyon | WoWonder v3.0.4 – The Ultimate PHP Social Network Platform Nulled Nulled is a PHP social network script, the perfect way to launch your own social network website! WoWonder is fast, safe and it will be updated regularly.

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WoWonder v3.0.4 – The Ultimate PHP Social Network Platform Nulled

High Performance & High Level Cache System: The # 1 thing to be available on any website of the social network, The Pace! Use our Cache system to speed up your website, allow it and the website can handle more than 1 million users!

  • Wonder (Latest Feature): Users can challenge updates, images , videos with our new feature.
  • RTL Support: WoWonder supports languages from right to left, too.
  • Social Login: You can log in with WoWonder via most prominent social networking websites such as (Facebook – Twitter – Google+ – LinkedIn – Vk – Instagram).
  • Quick & Nice Looking URL: all in one tiny URL for users, sites, party!
  • User Last Seen: Shows the last view / online status for the user.Notification for profile visit: Receive notification from users who have viewed your page.
  • Friends & Follow Scheme: WoWonder supports Facebook friends scheme, follows twitter-like system.
  • Home / News Feed: Shows updates, images, files , videos, and maps shared by friends / followed individuals, as well as story filters, recommendations to follow / friends, and list of user activities.
  • User Timeline: Does User Show? S profile with updates, images, uploaded videos and shared by users.
  • Pages: Users can create boundless pages and invite friends to like the pages.
  • Groups: Users can create unlimited groups and invite / add friends to the groups they join.
  • Games: Users can play unlimited games on flash.
  • Support for social media: Users can easily upload videos from the largest video sharing websites such as Youtube, Dailymotion, Vine, Vimeo, Facebook videos & Soundcloud music
  • Photo Album: User can create unlimited, nice-looking photo albums.
  • Cover image: User Dynamic Cover.
  • Profile Picture: Dynamic user profile image.
  • User Privacy: Monitor who can send you a message, post it on your page, follow you, confirm requests to follow or not, last view, etc.
  • User Profile Info: shows information about the user ‘s profile (birthday, website, gender , social media, about, last seen etc).
  • Notifications: Alert users (likes , dislikes, feedback, wonders, shares, etc.
  • Post Publisher: Rank, Twitter, Sound Cloud, Vine, Google Maps, Videos , Images, Photographs and Emoticons.
  • Delete & Edit posts: Users can remove and update their posts themselves.
  • Save Postings: Users can save posts for later viewing.
  • User Events: Users can exchange feelings / work / watch / play / listen to their events.
  • Recent Search: Anything that the user has ever searched will be saved to recent searches with the option to clear them.
  • Post Privacy: Users can pick privacy for the post (only me, everyone, etc.).
  • Likes: Like a message, or not. Display a list of those who want it.
  • Dislike: A posting dislikes. See list of people who do not like this.
  • Comments & Replies: Comment on a message, Respond to a comment, See all comments written.

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