LicenseBox v1.4.0 – PHP License and Updates Manager

LicenseBox v1.4.0 - PHP License and Updates Manager

LicenseBox Nulled PHP Script Free Download v1.4.0 – CodeCanyon | LicenseBox v1.4.0 – PHP License and Updates Manager Nulled is a full-service licenser and manager of updates to PHP applications, WordPress plugins or themes, etc. With easy installation, minimum server requirements and unlimited scripting usage, it paves amazingly the way for your imagination.

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LicenseBox v1.4.0 – PHP License and Updates Manager

LicenseBox consists of two parts-the main script (admin-panel) to be installed on your own server and a single help file to be included in your PHP application. You can also access the API easily using any programming language, if you want. LicenseBox comes packed with examples of integration and sample codes, and a built-in API helper file generator for easy integration into your applications.

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Release 1.3.0 (4 September 2019)

  • Added multi-language support in API and Helper files
  • SMTP, Sendmail Support Added
  • License expiration based on “days” added
  • Two new LicenseBox (Flat and Material) themes were added
  • Auto Domain / IP blacklist option added
  • Option to execute LicenseBox cron from your browser added
  • Feature fixed with default version upload size
  • Cleaning of old session files fixed problem (reported on some servers)
  • Updated samples & help files for integration
  • Another minor enhancement.

Version 1.2.1 (12th February, 2019)

  • Option added to config file to change the optional field “data” that is returned during licence checks
  • New connexion check function has been added to the external / internal API helper file
  • CodeIgniter updated to version 3.1.10
  • Updated WordPress plugin included to include update system
  • Automated e-mails template updated
  • Improved intern API LicenseBox
  • Improved cron with LicenseBox
  • Few minor bugs fixed

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Important Note:
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