Shipboard SaaS v1.2.2 – Team Collaboration System

Shipboard SaaS v1.2.2 - Team Collaboration System

Shipboard SaaS Nulled PHP Script Free Download v1.2.2 – CodeCanyon | Shipboard SaaS v1.2.2 – Team Collaboration System Nulled is a system of team collaboration (SaaS), which is a great fit for any team looking to work together. You can quickly work with your team members to get things completed with a tidy, sleek and highly interactive interface.

In the system we take care of every single detail, the design is done from scratch to suit your needs. Navigation between pages is done as (SPA) which means you are getting a very snappy UI and you can navigate smoothly between sections of the system. We chose the most powerful technologies, such as Larave, Tailwindcss and Inertia.js, to develop this framework.

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Shipboard SaaS v1.2.2 – Team Collaboration System

Shipboard provides you with the following essential features, a fantastic project management platform:

  • Single Page Application (SPA) framework built, very responsive and snappy Gmail UI!
  • Minimum dashboard to concentrate on insights into the overall organization and KPIs
  • Manage the tasks, and delegate them to team members
  • To quickly classify which project the job belongs to, choose a unique color for your projects
  • Set start dates and deadlines for your tasks and assignments
  • Store the ventures of the former organisation
  • Project card that shows you the projects pending and how many days the project deadline has left
  • Kanban Development Commission
  • Create Kanban columns and cards, and drag and drop them easily
  • Assign tasks to individual members of the team and set a due date
  • A seperate section for each mission
  • Upload attachments for each mission, as you comment on the mission’s discussion board

List all Work Attachments to open easily

  • Pin the project as your favorite, so that you can access it easily via the sidebar
  • A dedicated page to list all tasks you are assigned with predefined filters to make your job easier
  • A dedicated view of the calendar to list all your duties and their deadlines. Tasks are painted as the color of the project.
  • Manage the configuration of the device and its functions with team members.
  • Add the sub-tasks and assign them with a due date to the team members
  • Assign your activities a priority
  • Lovely landing page with admin panel for customization
  • Integrated with Stripe Subscription (PayPal is coming soon too!).
  • Set plan features and cap, restrict access when exceeding limits
  • Manage privacy policies and terms and conditions in the Administration room
  • Multi-language support-global settings & preferences per user
  • Help for email notifications-start watching projects and have your preferences for email notifications

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